Attention all Broadcasting Stakeholders

05 March 2018

Author: Olivia O'Kane
Practice Area: Media and Entertainment


Ofcom has set out the proposed scope of its review of how the nations, regions and diverse communities of the UK are represented and portrayed in BBC TV programmes.

Ofcom announced this review in October 2017. It will allow us to understand, in greater detail, how audiences feel the BBC reflects and portrays their lives.As part of the review, Ofcom will commission new research to understand in greater detail what audiences across the whole of the UK expect from the BBC, and whether they feel it authentically reflects and portrays their lives.

Ofcom will also talk to people involved in the production process to better understand, among other things, the relationship between what we see on screen and how programmes are made.Ofcoms findings will provide a baseline to inform whether further measures are needed to ensure the BBC delivers for all of its audiences.

Ofcom are inviting views on our proposed terms of reference for the review, and welcome further proposals on what Ofcom should consider within its scope. These must be submitted to Ofcom by 29 March 2018.