28 June 2023

Carson McDowell sponsors INVENT 2023.

INVENT is an annual competition organised by Catalyst that celebrates exciting innovators and entrepreneurs, giving them an international platform and support to make the greatest impact.

Neasa Quigley, Senior Partner at Carson McDowell, had the following to say:

We understand that start-up companies coming through Catalyst's INVENT programme will have a wide range of questions from how to protect their intellectual property to what does a funder typically request. As an established leader within our field, we are well equipped to provide vital insight to help these businesses thrive.
Carson McDowell is committed to supporting the knowledge economy across the early stage phase to the mature technology businesses attracting private equity investment.

Carson McDowell welcomed 10 start-up companies to its Belfast-based office on Tuesday, 27th June, to host "Mentor Day". This part of the INVENT programme provides the companies with a one-on-one session with a business mentor and access to Carson McDowell's expert lawyers.