19 April 2023

NHS Certificate Charges Update- NI

Written by Anna Haines-Smyth

Recovery of health services charges (amounts) (amendment) regulations (Northern Ireland) 2023

These regulations will increase the NHS charges paid by the compensator when an injured person receives NHS or ambulance service care, in respect of injuries which occur on/after 1st April 2023, as follows:-

· Ambulance services charge is increased from £231 to £238 for each occasion;

· Treatment (no admission to hospital) charge is increased from £766 to £788.

· Daily in-patient charge is increased from £941 to £968.

The maximum charge in respect of an injury is increased from £56,260 to £57,892.

If you would like any further information or advice, please contact Anna Haines-Smyth from the Healthcare team.

*This information is for guidance purposes only and does not constitute, nor should be regarded, as a substitute for taking legal advice that is tailored to your circumstances.

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