Debt Recovery

Our team of expert debt recovery solicitors will closely work with you to achieve the highest recovery rates and best possible outcomes.

When debtors fail to pay or continue to delay payment, you need swift and effective action to recover your debts and avoid unnecessary financial pressure. We can assist you in corresponding with your debtor to resolve disputes and recover your debt without the need for legal action.

Carson McDowell has a track record in providing debt recovery assistance and legal advice to commercial debt clients. We offer a tailored service to commercial clients, lenders in the field of secured and unsecured debt as well as asset finance and asset recovery with respect to regulated agreements. The team represents banks, building societies and other secured lenders. The debt recovery service team also advises a number of clients across the construction industry, clients as diverse as architects, structural engineers, and planning consultants.

We provide support for a large number of Belfast’s commercial property agents in relation to their management support services to commercial and retail landlords. We also assist real estate clients that have extensive property portfolios with arrears management.

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What we do

Developing Effective Pre-litigation Processes to Encourage Early Payment, Including Letters Before Action

The instigation of Debt Recovery Proceedings to obtain judgment

Commencing Insolvency Proceedings (Bankruptcy and Liquidation) on behalf of Creditors

Recovery of Assets in Asset Finance Agreements through Return of Goods Orders

Repossession of Property for Secured Lenders

Repossession of Property for Landlords

Obtaining Security for a Debt Due

Enforcement Proceedings through the Enforcement of Judgments Office

Advice to Creditors When Faced with Debtor Insolvency Situations Ranging from Bankruptcies to Liquidations and on Voluntary Arrangements such as IVAs and CVAs

Defending PPI Claims for Lenders

Our dedicated Debt Recovery lawyers are here to advise you.

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