17 February 2023

Carson McDowell supports delivery of Co-Operation Ireland’s Future Leaders Programme

A team from Carson McDowell took part in Co-Operation Ireland’s Connect Day as part of our role as Ambassadors of the Future Leaders programme.

The Co-Operation Ireland Future Leaders programme was launched in November 2020 to empower the next generation of leaders and peacebuilders across the island of Ireland. The programme is aimed at providing participants with accredited training to equip them with the skills, confidence and networks to make positive contributions to the development of their own communities and protect and enhance relationships between these islands.

Carson McDowell is among a number of leading businesses across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and the United States who sponsor and assume the role of Ambassadors for the programme.

During the Connect Day, Senior Associate Rosie Timoney, with support from Emma Stephenson, Aimee Donaldson, Josh Hunter, Keeva Best, Rebecca Kelly and Naiomh O’Reilly met with young leaders to hear their hopes for the future and deliver a role-play scenario workshop on negotiation. The workshop promoted the young leaders’ communication skills allowing them to develop negotiating strategies and tactics in an alternative dispute resolution case in which they had to reach a solution in a contentious legal dispute.

Commenting on the session, Rosie Timoney said,

"As Future Leader Ambassadors, Carson McDowell is committed to providing both financial and direct programme delivery support to ensure young people are represented, encouraged and inspired to reach their full potential and become leaders of the future. Our recent session was designed to not only boost the attendees’ skills, but to give them the confidence that will see them become peer role models within their social groups.”

Co-operation Ireland’s goal is to create 500 future leaders within the next five years. For more information on the programme, visit: https://cooperationireland.org